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Need more effective ways to engage with physicians and/or employer executives about your health plan or ACO?  If so, Kathleen Harkins of Harkins Associates can help. In this free Webinar, you can learn from this experienced “consultative sales” professional about Healthcare Consultative Selling--what this method of selling is, how it’s different than from other sales programs and why it’s especially effective in healthcare today.

 Healthcare Consultative Selling is a proven effective sales and communication method designed to provide the skills, strategies and language for growing employer sales, service lines, minimizing referral leaks, engaging ACO network physicians and improving ACO recruitment efforts. This approach is based on validated principles and standards of sales communication used by business development executives, who interact with professionals and executives. 

 Over years of development and the assistance of experienced training program designers, and providers, Harkins Associates has adapted these standards and principles to healthcare services, to benefit physician liaisons, and Network Development staff of ACOs and Health Plan sellers. You’ll find that improving your conversations through this method can result in improved performance and results.

 Harkins Associates is the exclusive provider of Healthcare Consultative Selling™.


Kathleen Harkins has an extensive background in physician sales communication, employer sales, training and  management. Having worked as sales Rep, sales trainer and manager in the pharmaceutical industry, as director of marketing and sales for a healthcare company that managed and consulted to hospitals and physician practices, and holding two executive level positions in which she was accountable for selling health plans and contracts, Kathleen is uniquely qualified to assist those responsible for success of these programs. 

Throughout her career, Ms. Harkins received extensive training in consultative selling and communication skills and participated in several Train-the-Trainer programs. Over years, she has used this training and her career-long healthcare consulting and business development experience to develop "Healthcare Consultative Selling™" with the help of  colleagues and training curriculum developers. 

Kathleen developed one of the first Physician Liaison programs in the country while working for the hospital and physician management company, and throughout her career, she continued to apply new learning and experiences to the “Healthcare / Physician Liaison” model.  

In 2000, Kathleen formed Harkins Associates with other consultative selling trainers and consultants. With years of experience, and dedicated field research, the group ultimately finalized “Healthcare Consultative Selling™”. Harkins Associates is the exclusive provider of  Healthcare Consultative Selling.

 If you need more effective methods to reach and retain referral sources, employers  and ACO network physicians, plan to attend this free event. Learn more about Healthcare Consultative Selling™.

For more information on the next complimentary Webinar, “Healthcare Consultative Selling – what it is and how it can help you achieve greater results!” contact info@harkinsassociates.com or call: 845-295-9076. 


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