Strategies and Skills for Physician / Provider Engagement

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Thursday and Friday | October 4 and 5, 2018 | Baltimore, MD
This two-day interactive seminar for Business Developers and Physician / Provider Liaisons offers instruction and coaching in the strategies and skills to engage with physicians and other referral / network providers through “Healthcare Consultative Selling™”.  Attendees will learn: 
  • Effective strategies, behavior and  language skills to "get in" to meet with physicians.  
  • Skills and language to engage the physician immediately. 
  • Questions to ask to capture physician interest, build respect, initiate dialogue.
  • Discovery skills to understand the provider’s referral motivations.
  • Alignment strategies and skills to connect your services and organization with the interests of the physician.
  • Strategies and specific language to respond to challenging comments and questions from office staff and providers.
  • Engagement tools to advance trust and connection.
  • Partnership building strategies and skills to achieve your goals AND the physician's goals! 
  • Update on advancements of the roles of physician outreach staff - undisclosed examples from across the country. 

 All Attendees will receive the Seminar Workbook / Reference Guide filled with strategies, skills, tools, and language scripts for use in the field!

Healthcare Consultative Sellingis a healthcare-specific methodology based on validated principles and standards of sales communication used by seasoned business development executives who engage with high level professionals. Over years of research and development, Harkins Associates has adapted these standards and principles to the healthcare services environment to benefit business development staff, physician liaisons, physician relations specialists, and ACO network developers and contact managers. 

In addition to skills of engagement, participants will learn how ACOs and other Value-Based Initiatives are changing the Business Development / Liaison roles; and, gain effective strategies and skills to employ with these evolving care and payment models. 

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Our Healthcare Consultative Training Seminars provide the strategies and skills to gain access, capture the physician's interest, and engage him / her in meaning discussions that lead to long-term trust and loyalty.